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A New Approach to Professional Development

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

You just have to read the title and first few sentences from a recent article in Education Week to understand the potential of Teacher’s Workshop to transform conventional professional development. It speaks to the importance of our teacher-driven, content-specific approach. Teachers get the opportunity to run professional development like they run their classroom: they present on something they are passionate about and then allow everyone else to join the conversation by sharing their knowledge and exchanging ideas. Here’s an excerpt (see link to the full article below):

“What Do Teachers Really Want From Professional Development? Respect”

Too often, training sessions fail to account for teachers' experience, ignore their expertise, and use tactics that are counter to instructional best practices

By Sarah Schwartz

May 14, 2019

Many teachers share a common complaint: Professional development doesn't actually treat them like professionals.

Mandatory seminars often have no relevance to their particular subject area or cover skills that they mastered years ago. Facilitators from outside groups introduce new instructional practices and don't inquire about, or even acknowledge, teachers' current strategies... PD like this, teachers say, doesn't respect their experience, expertise, or time.

Teacher's Workshop

teacher-driven professional development for high school English teachers

Scott Cameron The Teacher's Workshop professional development for high school English teachers

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