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Join a fellow high school English teacher and discover ways to make the study of literature fun, relevant, and meaningful for all of your students. In the time of one workday, you will learn how to make your life easier and get better results.  Go beyond your M.A. or B.A. and get practical training and access to resources you can use in  your classroom. 


Take the self-paced online course on your computer or with Teachable's app.  Ask your district administrator or supervisor to support PD that you will actually enjoy and have them send a PO (purchase order) to


The self-paced online courses focus on:

  • inspiring creativity and curiosity 

  • project-based, real world learning

  • new technologies 

  • working smart, not hard

  • simplifying the teaching of writing and literature

  • student-centered and small group learning

  • exciting whole-novel activities

  • stress-free learning

  • positive classroom culture 

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From feedback survey:

“What Scott's course did for me was it took important, worthwhile texts, and brought them into the current century. I can continue to do what I do as an English teacher, but after taking Scott's course, I have new tools. I have been an English teacher for 23 years, and though I am thoroughly conversant in my subject matter, I am not competent in these new-fangled tools. Scott teaches great literature, and he has new and innovative ways to engage students. He spoke teacher-to-teacher in this course. I would want to be one of his students. His objectives were always clear, and he didn't waste our time. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of resources, and he shared many computer files and directories with us. … It was a wonderful course.  Being a teacher yourself, you’re mindful of people’s time and are ruthlessly pragmatic in your approach.” - Sarah H

“Overall a great course. The topics covered will be used and implemented this year.  All of the curriculum was timely. This means that the curriculum can fit with the modern day student.  Scott was articulate and showed that he has a passion for teaching and also has fun.” – Christopher L

“The downloads are helpful. Some of the topics are ones that I struggle to make interesting for my students, and the ideas that Scott presents are great to help me engage my students … You've touched on most things I teach to my students … You're engaging and clearly love what you do. The projects you've created have given me great ideas to use in my own classes for the kids." -  Jacqueline S. 

“There’s a lot I liked about the course … Each presentation was clear, easy to follow, and provided concrete examples. As a teacher, your humanity came through as you spoke to your audience. Your voice was inviting … To sum up, I would say that your message was clear, well packaged and presented … I really enjoyed the course.” – Deborah A.

"Overall, this course was very useful and relevant to the practices that I conduct in my classroom. It was very helpful in solidifying some of the things that I already teach and in providing additional areas where I can add on to or modify my lessons to make them more engaging and meaningful (just as advertised!). My instructor was very friendly and knowledgeable about the topics he discussed! He was very thorough in his explanations of the topics as well." - Candace

“I thought this series of lessons was so worthwhile and encouraging… The course was well-developed and included student examples, handouts, and detailed descriptions of strategies. The website was very easy to navigate and Scott offered many avenues through which teachers could respond to his lectures.  The instructor provided clear-cut, easy to understand instruction that included a variety of examples to support ideas/strategies. He was positive and clearly knowledgeable about best practices in the secondary education field. The instructor was forthright with his own experiences in the classroom, and he related to teachers well.” - Lorna

“I enjoyed this course! I felt like I was sitting with a veteran teacher who was sharing their experiences, and that made this so easy to complete. I appreciated your insight on the topics and the sharing of your personal experiences … It was old favorites like Chinua Achebe and James Joyce, but also new favorites like James Baldwin and antiracist literature. It had a lot of nonfiction, too, particularly in the podcast section, which is great because not everyone spends a lot of time on that… Mr. Cameron was interesting and had great ideas to share… This course can be applied to generally all (even middle school teachers like me!)” – Rachel W

“Mr. Cameron is an engaging and wonderful teacher …This course was just what I needed to feel less alone! I am an alternate route teacher who had no formal training for my job, and it was great to learn more about the profession... I really loved the Shakespeare section!  I absolutely loved this professional development course. Even though I've been teaching for five years, I still feel the need to learn more and grow as an educator. I thank you so much for this wonderful class. It truly means a lot to me.” - Eman

The Art of Innovation

Teaching teenagers requires a lot of creativity.  Teaching is an art form that takes years to master.  I've learned the most by listening to people with real classroom experience.   After taking this course, you'll walk away with ideas and real resources to use in your classroom.  


Teacher's Workshop started with a simple idea:  listen to the expertise of people in your content area.   Take an in-depth look at the philosophy and thinking that goes into curriculum and pedagogy.  Stories and experiences from the classroom will renew your love of teaching literature.  


Experience practical and relevant professional development that focuses on the teaching of literature.  Learn how to inspire your students to love reading and the study of literature.  My courses cover topics relevant to the day-to-day challenges of high school English teachers. 

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Email a PO  (purchase order from your school) to if your district agrees to pay for the course.  Most states ask that you seek approval from your supervisor, district, or state department of education.  Click here for an approval form if your state or district does not provide a form. 

After completing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion for professional development credit hours.  You'll receive 10 hours for PD for Secondary ELA Teachers and 10 hours for PD for New Secondary ELA Teachers.  Check for prior approval from your district or state.  

Each course comes with materials that you can use in your classroom.    

Enroll in a free mini-course or experience one free session on creative writing or a free session on inspiring a love of reading.  30-day money back guarantee.  


PD for Secondary ELA Teachers

Virtual or Remote Learning for ELA Teachers

Black Lives Matter in Literature

Project-Based Learning


Creative Writing

Podcasts as Literature

The Video Essay and Filmmaking

Poetry and Prosody, Rhythm and Rhyme

Short Fiction and Point of View

The Teaching of Writing

Literary Techniques


PD for New Secondary ELA Teachers

Handling the Paper Load

Teaching Shakespeare

Inspiring a Love of Reading

Exciting and Engaging Activities

Classroom Management

Balancing Joy and Rigor

Teaching as Performance

Flexibility and Grades

Outside the Classroom

How To Write an Excellent College Application Essay or Personal Narrative for Teachers or Students



Pick a Topic

Establish a Tone

Create a Theme

The Issue of Time

Show, Don't Tell

Literary Devices and Techniques

Other Advice

Sample Essays