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Do you wish there was an alternative to traditional PD? Enhance your love of teaching literature from home with practical, teacher-centered professional development run by a high school English teacher from Princeton High School in New Jersey. 

Using Voicethread, your instructor will present slides with videos that explain their classroom handouts and activities related to the course topic. They will then open up the discussion and allow teachers to share their resources and provide feedback, ask questions, and collaborate through video, audio, or text commentary.  At the end of the course, you'll get time to work independently to create a new unit or lesson.  


Collaborate, Then Innovate

You'll meet people, listen to stories, share links, laugh, and hear about what worked and what didn't.  At the end of the course, you will get the chance to work independently to  create new material or revise your activities.  


Teacher's Workshop started with a simple idea:  listen to the expertise of people in your field of work.  Novice teachers can listen to the veterans, and veterans can encounter fresh ideas.  Take an in-depth look at the curriculum and pedagogy of high school English teachers from all over the country.  


Teacher's Workshop takes a teacher-driven approach to professional development.  Your instructor will be one of many voices in the course.  We believe that an exchange of ideas will lead to creativity.   See what happens in other English classrooms, and receive feedback from the experts!

 Register here to pay and sign up online for the course and see course dates, or you may pay with a $85 check made out to Teacher's Workshop, LLC.  Our mailing address is:  Teacher's Workshop PO Box 1284 Mt Laurel NJ 08054. Include your name, course title and date, and email address.


Most states ask that you seek approval from your supervisor, district, or state department of education.  Click here for an approval form if your state or district does not provide a form.  After completing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion and the equivalent of 7 professional development hours.  You have one month to complete the course. 


Most states accept our credits, but we are waiting to hear back from Texas, Mississippi, New York, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Illinois.  Maryland approved "Podcasts as Literature" as a 7.5 hour course. 

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