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Student-centered learning, purposeful teaching ...

Experience practical, self-paced professional development with a high school English teacher.  Discover ways to make learning relevant and meaningful for all of your students. Create a modern classroom where you and your students have more fun and experience less stress.  These graduate courses are actual workshops, focused on the day to day challenges of teaching, not just ideas and philosophy.  You will learn how to make your life easier and get better results from your students.  Go beyond what you learned in college and get practical training and access to resources you can use in  your classroom. 


Once you complete the online course through Teachable and receive a certificate, you can use it to get college credit from the University of the Pacific.  For a very low price compared to private and public tuition ($99 per credit), earn a total of 4 graduate-level credits and 60 professional development credit hours to advance on your salary guide.  Ask your district to reimburse you or to pay with a PO (purchase order).  

Course Feedback:
The courses focus on_ inspiring creativity and curiosity project-based, real world learnin
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Register here or pay in four small monthly payments through Teachable. You may also pay with a check made out to Teacher's Workshop, LLC.  Our mailing address is:  Teacher's Workshop PO Box 1284 Mt Laurel NJ 08054. Include your name, email address, and course title.  


Email a PO  (purchase order from your school) to if your district agrees to pay for the course.  You should seek approval from your supervisor, district, or state department of education.  Click here for an approval form if your state or district does not provide a form. 

After completing the online course, you will receive a certificate of completion for professional development credit hours depending on how many sections you complete.  Check for prior approval from your district or state.  You can use the certificate to get college credit.   Each course comes with materials that you can use in your classroom.    

30-day money back guarantee.  

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