Professional Development for Secondary English Language Arts Teachers

Remote or Virtual Learning

Black Lives Matter in Literature

Project-Based Learning


Creative Writing (free)

Podcasts as Literature

The Video Essay and Filmmaking

Short Fiction and Point of View

The Teaching of Writing

Literary Techniques

Designed for experienced teachers, I will discuss pedagogy, curriculum, and around 100 downloadable resources (a $50 value) including a unit on poetry, short fiction, and Hamlet.


At the end of the course, you'll get the time to create a new lesson or activity, and receive a certificate of completion for 10 PD credit hours. Individual districts or states approve the PD credit hours.


Professional Development for New Secondary English Language Arts Teachers

Handling the Paper Load

Inspiring a Love of Reading (free)

Exciting and Engaging Activities

Classroom Management

Balancing Joy and Rigor

Teaching as Performance

Flexibility and Grades

Outside the Classroom

Looking to become the excellent teacher you always envisioned? Want solid advice about how to handle the workload and challenges of teaching high school English? Want students who are excited to come to your class and really want to talk about literature? Want to stay in education but are worried about burnout? Want to work smart, not hard? Feel like your college experience didn't prepare you for teaching? You've come to the right place.


This course will help you prioritize what matters most and put you in a position to inspire all of your students to love the study of literature. Learn how to best handle all of the incredible challenges in the field and master the art of teaching.


Complete the course at your own pace. At the end of the course, you'll receive a certificate of completion with 7 professional development credit hours. Seek prior approval for credit from your district or state.

How to Write an Excellent College Application Essay

or Personal Narrative for Teachers and Students

Pick a Topic

Establish a Tone

Create a Theme

The Issue of Time

Show, Don't Tell

Literary Devices and Techniques

Other Advice

Sample Essays

Writing a college application essay doesn't need to be hard or take a long time. Over the years, I've discovered that there are four essential elements to consider if you want to write an excellent college essay. I call them ...

The Four T's: Topic, Tone, Theme, and Time

Topic: Pick a topic or tell a story that represents who you are.

Tone: Convey your authentic voice when telling your story.

Theme: Express what you learned from the experience.

Time: Depict the details from one moment in your life that accounts for your worldview.

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